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If you’re considering buying a new furnace or air conditioner, take 3 minutes and save yourself years of expensive repairs and frustration.

We’ve spent 139 years saving people from equipment purchases that looked great on the surface but quickly went sour.

And it really only takes about 3 minutes to learn the secrets to a purchase that will save you a lot of time, money and aggravation in the future – just read the 5 points below.

1. Choose a brand that breaks down less.

If you choose the wrong air conditioning brand you could end up with as many as 11 extra repairs over its life. At an average cost of $500 per repair, that’s $5,500 in extra repair costs over more reliable brands. And the least reliable brand is actually one of the best selling.

In July 2016, readers of a national product testing and research magazine rated American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning’s air conditioners and heat pumps as the most reliable brand among leading manufacturers. Superior reliability was one of the primary factors, in conjunction with excellent warranty, performance and price competitiveness, that led us to choose the American Standard brand for all of our furnaces.

2. Ignoring small differences in performance can be costly.

A furnace that is a couple of percent less efficient might save you a few hundred dollars up front but it will end up costing you over a hundred dollars a year more in energy resulting in extra costs that are 4 to 5 times what you might have saved up front.

Similarly, the noise levels of two furnaces may look similar, but in actual fact the measurement scale for sound is exponential which means that a furnace rated at 70 dB is actually ten times louder than one rated at 60 dB.

3. Have it sized by an expert. It’s critical and it’s free.

Undersized equipment will have to work harder than it is supposed to in order to keep your house comfortable, wearing out parts faster. Oversized equipment will only need to run for short periods to get your house comfortable, but this ‘short cycling’ puts just as much stress on parts as being undersized does. The end result is more repairs, more cost.

You should always get a free assessment from an experienced, qualified installer who can accurately assess your needs. Even if you are replacing existing equipment, your old equipment may not have been right and the increased efficiency of today’s equipment may mean you can get away with a smaller unit.

4. Expert installation saves 50% on repairs, 30% on performance.

Heating and Air Conditioning systems that are installed by general contractors break down 50% more often than systems installed by heating and air conditioning companies and simple install errors can reduce furnace performance by 30%, e.g. incorrect venting, wiring, gas, location and furnace selection.

5. Check the warranty fine print, they are not all created equal.

Yes, that 10 year warranty sounds impressive, but most warranties only cover parts and not the cost of the labour to diagnose, remove and replace the part. Labour can easily cost you over $200 per repair.

At Hogg Mechanical we include parts and labour in our 10 year warranties because that’s just makes sense to us – you shouldn’t have to pay anything for warrantied repairs.


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In the 7 years that Mark and I have been together he has needed to take AT LEAST one allergy pill every morning, and since moving here has had numerous nose bleeds. All that changed with the installation of the air filter and humidifier on our furnace.

Lynn Fletcher
Waterloo Region