The Benefits of Ice Cold Water – KW Polar Plunge

When a human body is suddenly immersed in cold water on a cold winter day the first reaction is the constriction of the small blood vessels on the surface of your body. This natural defense mechanism of the body is to reduce the loss of heat. This in turn means a lot of blood is being squeezed into those vessels which increases your blood pressure. Next, the chilling of the limbs, leading to impaired motor coordination and weakness as the blood retracts from the extremities to the core of the body. After prolonged exposure to the cold water (typically after 15 to 30 minutes) hypothermia tends to set in depending on the core body temperature.

However, for those brief plunging seconds and a KW Polar Plunge record of 2 minutes the benefits far outweighed the risks. With the St John Ambulance staff on hand and the Hogg Hot Houses, the brave and generous plungers were comfortable and back in their warm street clothes in no time. The biggest benefit, and which I believe warmed thousands of Kitchener Waterloo hearts, was the fact that all proceeds from the event, which could be upwards of $7500, are being donated to KidsAbility.  KidsAbility is an organization which empowers children and youth with special needs to realize their full potential.  This includes children with developmental disabilities and delays related to premature birth, medical syndromes and physical disabilities. They have been supporting our community since 1922. Originally started by The Rotary Club of Kitchener Waterloo, club members organized local medical clinics, hosted Christmas parties and fishing derbies, transported children to Toronto hospitals and held fund-raising events for necessary equipment and cover medical services/expenses. Since then, their contributions, progression and support have helped hundreds of thousands of local families and have touched all of our hearts in one way or another in this fabulous growing region.

To the KW Polar Plunge team and volunteers thank you for allowing us to be part of this thrilling, entertaining and very beneficial event for KidsAbility. We would like to send a special thanks to Greg Lehman of Spike|Mobile for reaching out and contacting us and I personally want to thank you for telling Ryan vanDyk, from Hogg Mechanical, that he would be plunging in a black speedo with a leash attached to a spiked neck collar. Supporting and volunteering for local charities and not for profit organizations can be self-satisfying and extremely fun at the same time. Have a look at some of our fun pictures from the event on facebook.

It was great to be amongst all of the Sponsors, In Kind Sponsors and wonderful Media Coverage

Intrigue Media– Provided media marketing

Bright Water Services Inc. – Provided the ice cold water

Swanson’s Home Hardware – Provided funding for the event and KidsAbility

KFun 99.5 – Provided media coverage and promotion

Kool 105.3 – Provided media coverage and promotion

Snap KW – Provided media coverage and promotion

Bre Creative – Provided entertainment for children with face painting and polar bear balloon creations

Kates Kookies – Provided short bread cookies and nourishment

Winexpert Kitchener South – Provided a warm batch of wine as a prize

Beertown Public House – Provided a prize for a plunger


How are you helping your local community?

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