Hogg Mechanical’s #TEDxWaterloo Experience

The focus last night at TEDx Waterloo was Chasing Home with three sessions being Home Within, Home Together and Home Beyond.  Myself (Ryan vanDyk Sales & Operations Manager), JR Waddell (Business Development & Communications) and Peter Wagner (General Manager) listened as the speakers talked about home in the sense of your personal space and where you choose to lay your head, home as a community and home as a planet and beyond.

I was asked more than a few times, what a few guys from a heating and air conditioning company, would be doing at an event like this (or others like Ignite Waterloo Region, etc.).

I am a firm believer, as are my coworkers JR Waddell and Peter Wagner, that these types of events can really help gain perspective on the bigger picture about your business and how you choose to run it.  It was amazing to connect with so many positive and influential people in our community and to share this spectacular experience with them was truly an honour.  TEDx filled the Centre In The Square theatre and had intrigued viewers on the edge of their seats!   Some stories shared were about healing, science, “hands on” thinking, technology, our world, the people in it and the future in space.  All the topics were powerfully presented by some of the astounding leaders in this area and world renown.  A personal favorite was Dr. Mark Greenberg speaking about terminal illness in children and the differences, as well as similarities between healing and curing. It really left me with a sense of responsibility, to represent a company that understands that it is the people in our home/community, that help us do what we love to do every single day.

What are our responsibilities?

-In our own Hogg Mechanical bubble (Home Within), to provide a safe and thriving workplace, where people feel a sense of accomplishment and that they belong on our team.

-In our community (Home Together), to volunteer and support local causes/charities and help to build a stronger community by providing a feeling of togetherness.

-For our planet (Home Beyond), to continually stay up to date on cutting edge technology which can help reduce our carbon footprint and support a healthy global climate.

I would encourage you, if you haven’t been before, to look up TEDxWaterloo and attend next year. No matter what you do in business or your personal life, you are sure to leave informed, interacted and inspired.

Speakers included:

Emma Allen-Vercoe – A Microbial Ecologist with a Robogut.

Noel Biderman – Runs a website for married people looking for nooky.

Miles Corak – Canadian Economist with an interesting twist.

Chris Eliasmith – The Creator of Spaun, the worlds largest brain simulation.

Jessica Grahn – A neuroscientist with music on the brain.

Mark Greenberg – This renowned paediatric oncologist shares his deep insight on the difference between healing and curing.

Wade Larson – His company, UrtheCast, is putting HD cameras on the international space station so you can watch earth like an astronaut.

Alison Lister – She’s a physicist with CERN working on ATLAS (Higgs Boson) project.

Rob Manning – Chief Engineer of the Mars Curiosity Project – He is the man behind the missions with a philosophical viewpoint of our quest.

Susan Matt – She’s a historian who researches emotions. How homesick are you?

Aygul Memet – This star acrobat ran AWAY from the circus.

Holly Painter – A young slam poet with something to say.

Mag Ruffman – Actor, author and contractor. When Mag is chasingHome she’s doing it with a fully loaded toolbox.

Andria Simone – She’s chasing her dreams of being an R&B and soul singer. And she’s determined to succeed.

Andrea Spaziani – A choreographer and performer who is compelled to transform the ordinary to trigger something…else

Sudz Sutherland – He is an award-winning writer and director with a desire to tell stories about the realities of what home and family means.

Have you heard of TEDxWaterloo? What are your thoughts and experiences? How can we help you feel inspired? Your comments are always appreciated!

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