The Happiest Heating and Air Conditioning Company

In our quest to become the most out of the box, innovative and most successful HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) company in Waterloo Region, we spend an above average amount of time together coming up with ways to keep what we do fun and relevant.  A hard fact that we faced a long time ago, which changed the way we did business was; we are like Dentists.  Nobody wants to see us unless they have to and it’s often a grudge purchase.  We don’t tend to see ourselves this way.  We picture ourselves as the firemen who come and rescue your kitty (which we recently did at the Greater KW Chamber of Commerce).  When you are without heat or cooling, we swoop in and save the day hence our Emergency call to action tab.  There had to be a way to make the perception of our business more positive.

I remember the first time I saw a picture of someone holding a piece of paper in front of their mouth with a reason they had smiled today.  Cute.  As a lover of all things positive, I did some research and found The Smile Epidemic.  A local start-up with a  goal to create the happiest community in the world.  Hey…..hmmm…..we could be on to something here.  Now imagine me, pitching a group of tough service technicians on getting customers to write down what made them smile on a piece of paper so we can take a picture.  They may have thought I was joking, until we passed them the paper smiles and markers.  We had 2 guys really embrace it right off the bat.  Customers writing things like “Happiness is getting my heat back” or “Friendly and knowledgeable technicians”.  We shared amongst the company and to our Twitter and Facebook followers.  Then it became a bit of a competition for the technicians to get more of these done.  Customers were willing to participate and we were really impressed at how they were choosing points of their transaction with us as reasons they were smiling.  All of a sudden that grudge purchase was turned into realizing that we were there to help.

To give you an idea about how much of an impact we feel taking a moment to sit down and point out something that makes you smile, visit our team page on our website (Smiling Link Here) .  You’ll find out what makes us smile in our business. What makes you smile?

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