EYEDRO – helping you confirm your new equipment is reducing your energy consumption!

As electricity costs continue to rise, the Heating and Cooling industry continues to focus on improved efficiency, but how can you be sure you’re saving energy unless you can measure it? Up until now, consumers would have to wait for their periodic bills to verify that they’re saving what they thought they were going to. In more commercial settings, measurement tools were available but were fairly pricey. We found out about an exciting KW company called Eyedro that can solve this problem for a little over $100!

Eyedro produces a system that allows the homeowner to see the electricity they are consuming on a real time basis – on the internet! The installation is so easy that non techies (both IT and HVAC) can get it running in under an hour. Even at my home where the modem is over 50’ away (through a crawl space) from my electrical panel, I managed to be done within an hour!

Imagine the possibilities; first, you now have a window into what is driving your hydro bill! Learn how much your Air Conditioner is costing you to run, your fridge, etc. In my house, we found out that a huge contributor to the bi-monthly cost was the PVR! Think about it – a computer that stays on 24/7 looking for shows it’s been asked to record. We were amazed at how much we saved once we found one with a ‘sleep function’.

The same can be true for more “essential” household appliances! New efficiency standards (and incentives) have us all evaluating new air conditioners, fridges, water heaters, light bulbs, etc. With Eyedro, you can instantly verify how effective the changes have been. Simply, log on to your account, adjust the time frame, and presto – instant confirmation!

We are looking forward to using the Eyedro technology with our commercial customers on some refrigeration retrofits. Being able to verify the reduction in energy will be a critical part of our sales process! Contact us

In the News – See Article here -> Waterloo North Hydro invests in Eyedro Green Solutions

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