Celebrating a New Partnership with momstown KW

Recently, we met Paula Garceau, Owner of momstown KW, and instantly our relationship flourished. We chatted about those pesky door to door salespeople that pushed there way in to your home and force you to sign your life away. She immediately understood we were nothing like them and we rely on building relationships and ultimately building our community as a whole. These two morals are the exact definition of momstown KW, to build easy interaction relationships between Mothers and ultimately to create a community of Mothers who are in the know. If you aren’t familiar with momstown KW and would like further information here is a brief bio with a link to their website.

“What is momstown? We’re Canada’s original national mom network who exist both online and in-person. To a member, momstown is a really organized, modern moms group!”

“Odds are when you were growing up your mom knew all of your neighbours. Sadly, you probably don’t know yours. Although some social conventions have changed, what hasn’t is the need to connect with other local mothers. “They” say it takes a village to raise a child. We say it takes a town. Who resides in the town we fondly call momstown? Well, it’s moms like you.”

This is a really great organization and I encourage you to look into a membership. I have talked to many great members of momstown KW and they all have marvelous comments to make, examples being; I didn’t know about all of the “Mom” events going on in town – I was the first of my friends to be a mother and this organization allowed me to create a network of close “Mom” friends – I needed a plumber and I reached out on the referral board and they recommended Colin Warren Plumbing, he was fast, kind, affordable and provided us with a momstown KW discount. This referral network provides and connects you with trusted local companies if you are ever in need or in a bind.

Here is their new partnership blog/contest post about us – We were happy to provide 5 Moms with $100 in Free Gas Cards. We are generously excited about our new partnership.

We are happy to announce, that Hogg Mechanical is a new sponsor and partner of momstown KW!
Did you everyone have fun reading the clues and trying to guess who the new partner was?  There was some fabulous guesses very early on and we want to thank everyone for playing along.  We are so excited to give away 5 gas gift cards with a $100 value each!!
Using random.org, we chose 4 winners from the correct clue guesses on our facebook page, blog and twitter, then the 5th gas card winner was chosen from the Last Chance “Keeping Cool” post we shared on Monday July 15th.
Congratulations to our winners:
Amanda Moogk
Angie Williams
Chantal Marie B
Ingrid O’Sullivan
Brittany Huffman

Thanks to Hogg Mechanical, momstown members now get valuable discounts on their tune-up, inspection and cleaning for furnace, a/c or gas fireplace.  Plus, $200 off any heating or cooling system!

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If you have any questions, concerns or require additional information please feel free to comment below or contact us at any of the sources provided. info@hoggmechanical.com, 519.579.5330, Twitter @HoggMechanical, Facebook Hogg Mechanical

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