Gas Inspections in the Activa Neighbourhood have come to a close. Is your home Safe?

Following the house explosion last January the City of Kitchener followed up by offering free home inspections to over 750 houses. Only 300 residents accepted the offer which I personally find as a frighteningly low number.  The first reason being, a house exploded! The second reason being, out of the 300 residents who accepted the inspections, 54% were found with gas leaks, not to be deemed harmful though.

The risk of ignoring these types of hidden dangers in your home could put your family and neighbours at harm. The results from the residents that chose to accept the free inspections speak for themselves, over 50% were found with leaks and as we all know leaks usually stem from gas or water under pressure. When the pressure inside the tube is far higher than the pressure surrounding the tubes, the leak is at risk for expansion. Thus, creating a larger leak.

#HoggTips – Amateur Natural Gas Detection

Smell – Transmission natural gas has a stale petroleum/hydrocarbon smell.  Before it is delivered to your home, natural gas has mercaptan added which gives the gas a sulphur or “rotten egg” smell to help detect leaks.

Sight – Natural gas is colourless, but vapour and “ground frosting” may be visible when high pressure gas escapes.  A gas leak may also be indicated by bubbles in wet or flooded areas, distinct patches of dead vegetation, dust blowing from a hole in the ground or flames if the leak has ignited.

Sound – A hissing or roaring noise along the right-of-way of a pipeline could also indicate a natural gas leak.

If you missed the opportunity that the City of Kitchener provided is the risk of your families/neighbours lives worth it and would a professional check-up put your mind at ease? I kindly challenge you to find a better price than $45 for peace of mind.

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