Programming your Thermostat for the Winter Temperatures!

With the recent blast of snow this week we have been receiving a lot of questions about programming or adjusting your thermostats to save energy and ultimately to save money. Here is an outline/guideline as to when and what temperature you should be setting your programmable thermostat. If you do not have a programmable thermostat you can still follow these guidelines, it just requires a little more due diligence on your part.

Please Note:

1. The money savings is not as substantial as the summer time, because your Air Conditioner uses more hydro.

2. Ideally you should set your thermostat 2’C less than what you would have it set to in the warmer seasons.

3. In the winter, keep the drapes/curtains open to maximize heat from the sun.

4. Only try to moderately adjust your temperature when you’re sleeping. Large swings are costly.

5. Adjust the times below to your personal schedule.


Time Set (⁰F) Set (⁰C) Comments
Wake 6:00 AM 72 22.2 Make sure house is warm when you wake up
Leave 8:00 AM 68 20 No point in heating an empty house
Return 5:00 PM 72 22.2 Have your house warm for when you return from work
Sleep ??? 68 20 More comfortable for sleeping

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