Junior Achievement Business Spirit Awards 2013

JA Awards pictureWe recently had the honour of being nominated for the Marketing Innovation Award at the prestigious Junior Achievement Business Spirit Awards #JABSA13. It was an outstanding night surrounded by so many spectacular leaders all representing their contributions through there businesses to our thriving community. On Hogg’s behalf, I would like to send a congratulations out to all of the nominees and the award winners.

As we walked down the red carpet entrance, Junior Achievement made us feel like local celebrities as we were quickly flashed by the local paparazzi’s “C’est Chic Photography.” We were then treated to the excellent hospitality and splendid food that the hosts Bingeman’s provided. The night ended with the ever so clever and entertaining Robin Todd (Mark’s Supply) presenting the awards and the always enchanting Adele (96.7 Chym FM) emceeing the event, bringing smiles and laughter to the audience.

The Marketing Innovation Award was presented to a local company and/or agency that creatively uses one or all of the 4P’s of marketing to market their product or service in a new or innovative way. We were happy to be nominated in this category with these local companies; CuteGecko, Barefoot Creative, Kik, THEMUSEUM, Fibernetics and not to mention the award winner Pillers. We appreciated all of  the healthy competition including the witty banter between some of the finalists. All of these finalists deserve the recognition received, to which we owe the thanks to Aubrey Walters and the Junior Achievement Team.

As stated before but can never be stated enough, thank you very much for this recognition and award nomination. Congratulations to all and wishing you “Continued Coziness” for this merry and festive season!


If you have any questions, concerns or require additional information please feel free to comment below or contact us at any of the sources provided. info@hoggmechanical.com, 519.579.5330, Twitter @HoggMechanical, Facebook Hogg Heating & Air Conditioning



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