What to do in a Power Outage!

First thing is first, check whether the power outage is limited to your home. If your neighbour has power check your circuit breaker panel or fuse box. If it turns out the problem is not due to the breaker panel or the fuse box, check the service wires leading to the house. If it is obvious that the wires are damaged, stay at least 10 feet back and immediately call your hydro supply authority.

If however, your neighbours power is out, stay calm and notify your hydro supply authority.

Next steps:

– Turn off all appliances, tools, electronic equipment and lower the thermostat temperature so when the power is restored the furnace, air conditioner, fireplace and water heater don’t create a power surge and damage any of your appliances.

– Turn off all lights, but do leave one light on inside and one on outside. This is to ensure that you and the hydro crews both recognize that the power has been restored.

– Unless it is absolutely necessary do not open your fridge or freezer. A full freezer can keep food frozen for 24 – 36 hours if the door remains closed at all times.

– Never use gas barbecues, charcoal, camping heating equipment or home generators indoors. You cannot smell or see carbon monoxide and all of the previously mentioned sources do create carbon monoxide and could cause serious health problems and is life-threatening.

– Never leave candles lit and unattended. Use proper candle holders, and always extinguish candles before going to bed.

– Try to find up to date relevant information regarding the power outage from the power supply company. Try to find a battery powered or crank radio and sign up for Twitter/Facebook on your cell phones for additional information and warnings.

– Do you have a working carbon monoxide detector? Check to see if it is hard wired to the house’s electrical supply, and ensure that is has a battery powered back-up

– Surge protecting power bars can be an excellent saviour for TVs, Computers, DVD players etc. If they are not secure to a surge protecting power bar, unplug until the power is back on.

Unfortunately, power outages never happen at a convenient time for anyone. Hopefully, some of these tips help out or maybe you consider them for the next power outage! Stay calm and warm Waterloo Region.

If you want to avoid the inconvenience of a power outage altogether, invest in a natural gas generator for your home with Hogg Mechanical.

If you have any questions, concerns or require additional information please feel free to comment below or contact us at any of the sources provided. info@hoggmechanical.com, 519.579.5330, Twitter @HoggMechanical, Facebook Hogg Heating & Air Conditioning

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