Happy National Cut Your Energy Costs Day! 20 tips to BIG Savings

Yes… it is a Nationally recognized Day??? Or is it??? From all the research I have done, I can’t actually confirm if it is a recognized day or not. I have no idea where or even when it originated. Whether it is or is not a recognized National Day it’s purpose is to make the world and your bank account a little bit more of  an enjoyable place. So… for the sake of the world lets just say January 10th is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day.

With the New Year starting a lot of people have started new resolutions and maybe some of those resolutions are financial gains. If saving money for a trip is a resolution, or not spending as much when you go to the mall, or cutting down on other costs is your priority this “National Day” could help you towards your bottom line (save you money). Here is a pie shaped breakdown of the average household energy costs, because everyone loves pie!

energy pie















As you can see nearly half of the energy costs in your household are spent on heating or cooling your house which unfortunately is a necessity. There are steps you can take to lower these costs and other costs in your household. I recently joined the Peaksaver Program which includes a free programmable thermostat and an energy display installed by Hogg. I have yet to see my next hydro bill, but having the display in the house and seeing a real time usage reading has helped a considerable amount in energy preservation. The lights are turned off all day and into the night except one room, the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher are all run on off peak  times, the temperature of the house is lower during the day when it is not in use. Lots of little changes that haven’t inconvenienced my life at all. You can help save some energy and money too! Why not start on “National Cut Your Energy Costs Day”

Here is a list of helpful tips to try:

1. Weatherproof your house – weather stripping and caulking can really make a difference in keeping the heat inside

2. Turn down the heat – Put a sweater or blanket on, you will save money by doing so

3. Upgrade to a programmable thermostat – With the Peaksaver Plus Program you can receive $300 worth of equipment (Programmable Thermostat & Energy Display) installed by Hogg for FREE – why wouldn’t you

4. Turn off the T.V. radio and computer when you are finished

5. Add more insulation to your home

6. Unplug appliances you are not using – Even if they aren’t running they still use energy

7. Turn the water off when brushing your teeth

8. Switch out the old light bulbs for new energy efficient ones. Great deals through saveONenergy

9. When you need to buy a new appliance make sure it is Energy Star rated

10. Turn down the fridge or water heater temperatures

11. Fix those leaky faucets and running toilets

12. Walk or take a bike somewhere you would normally drive

13. Make sure dishwasher, washing machine and dryer are full before running them.

14. Open the blinds during the day to let the solar heat into the house

15. Landscaping with shade from trees can also reduce energy bills

16. If you have a surplus of money look into, solar panels, tankless water heaters, new energy efficient windows or a new roof

17. If you haven’t had your ducts cleaned in a while, they can help increase the air flow from your furnace or A/C

18. If purchasing a new car investigate into hybrid/electric cars and always inquire about gas mileage

19. Have a professional provide you with a home energy audit

20. Last but not least and is probably the most important. Make sure that your furnace and air conditioner are running at peak efficiency with a yearly tune up/inspection/cleaning. Depending on the age of your equipment and if it’s running properly you may be paying way more than you should be.

Again, have a Happy “National Cut Your Energy Costs Day” and if you have more information on the origin of this day please feel free to let me know. It is also “National Peculiar People Day” so I guess I shall bake myself a cake for that, using the oven on off peak hours of course. 😉


If you have any questions, concerns or require additional information please feel free to comment below or contact us at any of the sources provided. info@hoggmechanical.com, 519.579.5330, Twitter @HoggMechanical, Facebook Hogg Heating & Air Conditioning





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