Therma-Tru Says Slam the Door on High Energy Bills

Here is an excellent article taken from the National Post regarding the efficiency of the doors in your home and how an effective seal can save you from high energy bills. While reading this article keep in mind the seals on your windows as there can be some similarities in checking for external cold air leaking into your house as well. Other common sources for air leaks in your homes are dropped ceilings, recessed lights, attic entrances, sill plates, water and furnace flues, all ducts, chimney flashings, outlets, switches, plumbing vents and utility accesses. The majority of theses leaks can be prevented in a very cost effective manor and just require a little due diligence on your part.

Is it weird that talking about these issues and the money savings is making me really excited to help you drop your energy bills? I don’t think so, in the next couple of days I will write another blog with some tips to sealing air leaks. Lighting a candle and some incense not only makes your house smell nice, it can be the first step to reducing your energy bills. Tip Number 1


Therma-Tru Says Slam the Door on High Energy Bills

BusinessWire · Jan. 15, 2014 | Last Updated: Jan. 15, 2014 10:01 AM ET

With Old Man Winter knocking at our door, experts at Therma-Tru remind homeowners to check their doors to make certain they are not leaking air, which can increase heating costs.

“Start by inspecting the weather strip around all sides of every door in your home to make sure it has not worn out,” says Derek Fielding, director of product management for Therma-Tru Corp. “Stand inside near your doors on a bright day and look for daylight coming in through the door’s perimeter. If you see light, that means external air is coming into your home, reducing the energy efficiency of the door.

“This can be a simple fix if your foam-filled weatherstrip has permanently compressed, flattened out or cracked. However, if you’re seeing large gaps, or if the door itself feels cold on the inside reflecting the temperature outdoors, then it may be time to upgrade to a more energy efficient entry door.”

Fielding recommends seeking out fibreglass entry doors that are thermally broken, meaning they insulate against both cold and heat. Steel doors can be thermally conductive and result in the transfer of temperatures quickly from the interior to the exterior, and vice versa.

“Ideally, you’re looking for a fibreglass door system with components that are engineered to work together to help maximize the seal between the door and the frame,” says Fielding. “We follow this principle when creating our Therma-Tru® fibreglass doors so that the systems help keep heat inside the house to boost the energy efficiency of the home.”

Another factor that can help keep exterior weather on the outside of the home is the material used for the core of the door. The dense polyurethane foam used in Therma-Tru’s fibreglass doors helps the doors achieve high thermal performance values.

“Our solid fibreglass doors offer up to four times the insulation of many solid wood doors due to their thick polyurethane foam core,” says Fielding. “This essentially creates an energy-efficient entrance to the home, helping you stay warm on those cold winter nights.”

According to Fielding, homeowners choosing to add decorative glass to their Therma-Tru fibreglass doors can also count on energy-efficient features. The company’s triple-pane construction of most doorlites and sidelites creates both a strong thermal and acoustical barrier. And, factory-coated Low-E glass, available as an option for clear glass, also delivers exceptional energy efficiency. In cold weather, the Low-E glass helps reduce the loss of heat by reflecting the heat back inside the home.

“Given how many doors we typically have in our homes — from the main entry to side and back entrances to garage doors, it’s important to annually review the efficiency of these doors,” says Fielding. “Having efficient doors and weatherstrip that is not worn out can help save homeowners money every day on energy costs.”

About Therma-Tru

Therma-Tru is a leading manufacturer and most preferred brand of entryway doors. Founded in 1962, Therma-Tru pioneered the fibreglass entry door industry, and today offers a complete portfolio of entry and patio door system solutions, including decorative glass doorlites, sidelites and transoms, and door components. Headquartered in Maumee, Ohio, USA Therma-Tru is part of Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc. (NYSE:FBHS).


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