On the 12th Night of Hydro Savings, My Energy Display gave to me, Monnn-ney Saaa-vings!

As I awoke from the couch, amongst all of this the clatter. I turned to my energy display, to see what was the matter.

The television was on, and the lights were dim lit. The display read 21 cents, and my hydro bill was to take a big hit.










I looked in the mirror, with a surprise and a frown. With a leap and a bound, I can get this reading down.

I found myself humming, oh what a wonderful song. The 12th Night of Hydro Savings, committed to savings all year long!


On the 12th Night of Energy Savings, my Energy Display gave to me:

1 Programmable Thermostat

programmable thermostat small













2 TV’s left on in the basement












3 Wreath Hangers in the house letting in cold air

wreath hanger








4 Vents Improperly opened or closed & an exhaust fan not working

draft valveBasement Vent




kitchen ventBathroom Exhaust Fan






5 PROBLEMS WITH THE FURNACE, not installed or serviced by Hogg until now

– Venting not sloped

– Blocked Condensate

– Clogged furnace filters

– Gaps in sheet metal seams

– Furnace not vented properly

Intake Pipe








6 Condensation Windows resulting from too much humid air and blinds being closed










7 Cold Air Gaps in the window seals

window gap












8 things in this box blocking the cold air return

cold air return








9ty Moldy spots on this window due to condensation

moldy window








(At least)10 Lights were a lighting. Including a crawl space light that I have know idea how long it was on for






11 pipes uninsulating









12 plus face muscles a smiling at the new reading on the energy display

Energy Display at 1









My eyes how they twinkled, my dimples so merry. When that next hydro bill comes, it won’t be that scary.

I spoke not a word, and went straight to my bed. As visions of money and energy savings, danced in my head.

I heard myself exclaim, as I turned off that last light. Happy Money Savings to all, and to all a good night.



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