Super Bowl 2014 weather forecast, predictions and 5 of the worst weather games!

In late August, the 197 year old Farmers Almanac was released to the public to predict the upcoming winter. The publication stated that it was going to be extremely COLD using words such as bitterly cold and piercing cold, and there would be heavy snowfall for the Midwest, Great Lakes and New England areas. They hit the nail on the head! This is when the tiny rumblings started of what will be for the 2014 Super Bowl in New York/New Jersey in an open stadium (MetLife Stadium).

On December 19th there were reports that Super Bowl 2014 could possibly be rescheduled due to the cold weather or heavy snowfall and that there are contingency plans in place. Think about one of the biggest attractions and spectacles being switched by even one day. A move by even 1 day would mess up the works of millions hosting Super Bowl parties, in bars, and in homes across the country. In New York, how many people flood the city for this event, hotels would be in chaos, tourists rescheduling, all of the broadcast teams schedules, the teams, the half time show, and the list goes on.

However, 2 days before the big day the weather reports are looking spectacular, well not spectacular compared to a bright summer day, but spectacular compared to the previous 2 weeks and most of January. Currently the weather network is predicting a high of 9 Degrees Celsius and a low of 2 Degrees Celsius, with a very low percentage of precipitation and wind blowing at a minimal 15 km per hour for New York/New Jersey. Comparing this weather to the recent cold snap, Sunday will be cold, but may feel like a spring day with the warmth of the Super Bowl buzz in the air. I suspect there may be even more tailgate parties this year.

Who is going to win Super Bowl 2014 you ask; the Seattle Seahawks or the Denver Broncos? I think with the current weather predictions and the fact that Seattle and Denver both face the cold and snow on a regular basis we can eliminate the weather playing a factor. Which is maybe why Seattle was the favourite to win but, with the weather being taken completely out of question the Denver Broncos have now, according to the Vegas lines, become the favourite to win by 3 points. With low winds and low precipitation this allows Peyton Manning to play at the top of his game and possibly pick apart the Seattle defense. If we had to predict a Super Bowl 2014 Champion it would be the Denver Broncos but, that is because their team colours are awesome – Orange and Blue, just like Hogg Heating & A/C. #Superstitious???

Here are some weather and Super Bowl/NFL Title facts you can talk about on Sunday.

* Super Bowl VI in 1972 was to be played in New Orleans at the Superdome however, the construction of the new stadium was not complete and took place outdoors at Tulane Stadium. This was the coldest non-dome Super Bowl on record with the high for the day reaching +4 Degrees Celsius. The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Miami Dolphins 24 -3.

*Super Bowl XLI in 2007 was played in South Florida during the heart of the dry season. An active subtropical jet stream and a nearby stationary front was all that was needed to wring out the wettest Super Bowl. 0.92″ of rain fell from the start of the game and never let up. The rain and wet field definitely left their marks. There were six turnovers in the first half, three by each team. The Indianapolis Colts (known as a Dome Team) went on to defeat the Chicago Bears.

*The NFL Championship in 1934 was held in New York and overnight freezing rain and subfreezing temperatures had turned the ground to a sheet of ice. The spikes were not working on the ice so Coach Steve Owen of the Giants sent the equipment manager to the Manhattan College to pick up as many pairs of basketball sneakers as he could. The Giants who were a huge underdog turned a halftime deficit into a 30 – 13 win over the previously unbeaten Chicago Bears.

*The NFL Championship in 1948 was the first to be televised and was played in a major snow storm. Postponement was considered however, the players for both of the teams still wanted to play. The game was delayed by 30 minutes because the players had to help remove the tarp covered by heavy snow off of the field. 36000 fans showed up and some of which got in for free if they brought a shovel and helped with snow removal. Van Buren the halfback for the Eagles nearly missed the game due to his car being stuck in the snow, a subway ride and a six block walk, but was carried off in a win as the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Chicago Cardinals.

* The NFL Championship in 1967 also known as “The Ice Bowl” was played in Green Bay, Wisconsin. First there was talk of postponement to Monday but the arctic front would already have arrived and Monday would be colder than Sunday. The arctic front arrived even earlier and made this game the coldest game in NFL history with a kickoff at -26 Degrees Celsius. Referee Norm Schachter had his metal whistle freeze to his lips and when it was ripped off, so was some of the skin on his lip. Packer Coach Ray Nitschke had frost bite on 6 of his toes and fingers. With over 50000 die hard fans in attendance the Green Bay Packers beat the Dallas Cowboys 21 – 17.

Stay warm and cozy this weekend and enjoy all of the Super Bowl festivities and ultimately the game!


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