Outdoor Weatherproofing your Home – 10 places that need Caulking! Related article on SIPping Energy

When weatherproofing your home to save energy (heat/cool air loss or entry) and to maximize the cost of future repairs (Water/Rot/Rodent entry) don’t forget to consider the exterior of your house. According to the Energy Star program, most people could save about 20 percent on their heating and cooling costs by sealing up air leaks. How much do you pay annually to heat and cool your home? Every house is different but I just did some quick math and I could be saving $480.

Top 10 Exterior Area’s of Your Home that Require Caulking


must caulk spots


1. Inside corner moldings along the seams

2. Outside corner moldings along the seams

3. Joints where foundation meets the siding

4. Joints between siding and door frames

5. Window frames and sidings along the joints

6. Vents from dryer, bathrooms, and kitchen

7. Outdoor electrical outlets or lights

8. Wall plumbing pipes and utility lines

9. Between flashing (sheet metal to protect from water entry) and the chimney. Where chimney flue meets the crown (the top of the upper end of a chimney).

10. Between the foundation and a porch or patio


SIPs for energy savings

For new homeowners or if you are contemplating building a new home or addition onto your place. Consider reading this energy savings related article (link provided below) about SIPs which stands for Structural Insulated Panels. They take the place of wood studs, sheathing, insulation and vapour barrier to build most walls in houses. SIPs add about 3% to 4% to the building cost however they are much more energy efficient. If you use them in your new house you can make the difference back in under 10 years.



HouseWorks by Steve Maxwell: SIPping energy

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