Hogg Tips – How a stick of incense could save your life! Carbon Monoxide Test

How a stick of incense could save your life! Carbon Monoxide TestIf you own a gas-powered furnace or water heater there needs to be the proper amount of air for correct exhaustion. Some households can be too airtight and this can produce back drafting, which means flue gases are being sucked down the furnace or chimney. These gases can be very deadly and allow carbon monoxide to linger indoors. Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless, and tasteless gas that is slightly less dense then air. It is toxic to humans and animals in high concentrations and can be fatal. Most people say when they are exposed to carbon monoxide that it presents flu like symptoms. Check your Carbon Monoxide detectors to make sure they are working, and if you don’t own one, purchase one.

To make sure you have the proper amount of fresh air in your home here are the steps to take:

1. Close all windows, doors and your fireplace damper if it is wood burning.

2. Turn on all household exhaust fans such as your kitchen range hood above your stove, bathrooms etc.

3. Power up the gas furnace , water heater, fireplace, dryer and any other gas vented appliances. Turn your thermostat up for furnace, Run hot water from a tap for water heater, turn on fireplace and gas powered dryer.

4. Stand by for 10 minutes to allow drafts to stabilize.

5. Hold a lit incense stick or a lit match below the air intake valve on the burner draft hood. If the smoke is pulled up into the hood you have a sufficient amount of fresh air to operate. If the smoke blows away from the hood or the smoke doesn’t get pulled up the chimney, you have a back drafting problem. Call us immediately!

The exceptions to this process (No Need to Perform Test) would be if you have a high efficiency furnace and a power vented water heater. January 2013 a mandatory law was passed that you must install a high efficiency furnace which includes an intake air pipe to pull air from the outside of the house, which allows it to run off of fresh air. A power vented water heater has a built in fan to establish and maintain a proper draft.

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