The nose knows! Why do we have 2 nostrils and 4 smells from your furnace?

Why do we have two nostrils and not just one nostril??? Was the question I had when I started pondering this blog. With a bit of digging (not in my nose) I found out that apparently as we have two ears and two eyes it so turns out that the separation of the nose by the septum in fact means we have two noses within our nose. So, why do we have two noses which are completely separate from each other and why do we have two nostrils?

The nose has about 10 million very tiny and special receptors that are sensitive to odor molecules traveling through the air. The receptors sense certain odors and sends the signals to the brain which then tells you what you are smelling. The nose and the brain working together can recognize over 10 thousand different smells.

On a similar note… here are some good or bad smells you may find permeating from your furnace:

Musty Smell – If this smell is present and at its most potency when your furnace fires up, you may have a mold or mildew problem in your furnace or in the ductwork.

Burnt Dust Smell – When you first start up your furnace in the fall season or after a long rest, you may initially smell this. This is completely normal due to dust being collected and settled over a period of time. However, if the smell continues for a while you may have a problem. First, check that the air filter is clean or recently replaced and if the smell continues then more serious action should be taken.

Electrical Overheating Smells – This could smell like burnt plastic, wires or even a burnt rubbery type smell. This could be the result of wear and tear on your electrical wires or motor of your furnace and should be replaced. If you think the internal components are burning or your furnace compartment is running to hot, shut the furnace off and call us for same day emergency repair.

Natural Gas Smell – Actually, natural gas is odorless, but since it is so dangerous, gas companies add the unpleasant smell which we have come to know as the natural gas smell. If you detect a natural gas smell leave the house immediately and call 911 from your cell phone or your neighbours phone.

Note -You cannot smell Carbon Monoxide Gas as well and it is extremely dangerous to your health and can be fatal. If your detector’s alarm is going off please call 911, again, from outside of your home.

Now, back to the two nostrils in one nose. If you think of a dog tracking a scent they make a zigzag pattern (back and forth) instead of a straight line and in a similar study it shows that humans operate the same way. If we see or hear something we are able to approach it in a straight line and in fact we are able to do the same with our sense of smell, in which case we only actually would need one nostril to do so. Which leads Dr. Johannes Frasnelli, University of California, to believe humans are able to track scents; but to do so we do not need two nostrils. Therefore, the question remains: Why do we have two nostrils?

In reality, this leads us to the nasal cycle. The nasal cycle actually shows that on an ongoing rotating basis about every 2 to 3 hours one nostril is actually a little more swollen than the other. The mucosa in one nostril gets larger as more blood fills the vessels and this process happens to disencumber the toxins that have entered our nose. Our bodies have naturally blocked these toxins from the more sensitive organs such as the throat and lungs. Basically, your nose works like an air filter on your furnace, its job is to trap toxins, dust etc. When the mucosa of the nostril is swollen it is trying to cleanse/absorb these toxins leaving more air flow in the other nostril. This is the basic form of the nasal cycle, which you probably do not notice as the swelling is so minimal.

When you have a cold it is more noticeable! Have you ever been lying in bed with a cold/virus wondering when this nostril is going to become unplugged only for that quick relief and then the other nostril flares up. This is an ongoing constant cycle but is far more noticeable throughout a cold/sick spell due to the amount of toxins/viruses.

Dr. Johannes Frasnelli’s hypothesis of the nasal cycle is one side of the nose is maximally open so the body can breathe air while the toxins are filtered into the nasal mucosa. During this time in the other nostril, blood vessels remain open so immune cells in the blood have maximal access. This gives the body the possibility to simultaneously clean or tune up the air filter of the nose, while one can still breathe with ease via the other nostril.

Dr. Johannes Frasnelli Article HERE

In my next blog, we will find out just how crazy my brain works! haha

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