There’s nothing like CMPX! It’s like a Candy Store for HVAC Contractors

There comes a time every two years when Waterloo and Wellington region’s HVAC industries migrates north east to Toronto for a few days. Usually, the snow has melted and the temperature is well above zero degrees celsius. However, with the arrival of the polar vortex this year, we still don’t know what weather to expect on a day to day basis. This weather of course does not stop heating and cooling contractors like ourselves from checking up on all the latest technology and gadgets.

What is the CMPX show?

CMPX stands for the Canadian Mechanical & Plumbing eXposition and is Canada’s National show. The show takes place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and is one of North America’s largest trade shows for the mechanical industry. It’s a respected source of products , information, equipment and applications for industry professionals who want one -on-one access to the latest information and hands-on opportunities to come face-to-face with tomorrows trends (Like an HVACer in a Candy Store).

There will be over 500 exhibitors and approximately 25 workshops over the 3 days. Some of the workshops that we are interested in attending, to ultimately help our clients and customers are: Unique hydronic details for domestic water heating, Radiant heating & cooling for commercial buildings, control systems for intelligent contractors, High efficiency space cooling & heating, Home automation, Solar thermal applications, etc. We like to keep up to speed so that we can help in any capacity.

We will be busy over the next 3 days soaking up as much additional knowledge as we can but, that doesn’t mean we won’t be available. Our customers and clients always come first so if you require anything at all (may be polar vortex weather dependent) please feel free to reach us at any of the sources below.

P.S. If you would like us to say Hi to our new friends Bryan (Baeumler Approved Team) and Craig Charity (Hoss Magazine Team) also feel free to send us a message to pass along.

If you have any questions, concerns or require additional information please feel free to comment below or contact us at any of the sources provided., 519.579.5330, Twitter @HoggMechanical, Facebook Hogg Heating & Air Conditioning

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