$300,000 of Gold Dust Found in Home during HVAC Installation

On November 20th, 2012 Clark & Rush HVAC were called to a Sacramento home to install a new heating and cooling system. As you can imagine the homeowners were not too impressed that they had to shell out approximately $6500 for the new system. However, they were impressed that they hired an honest, trustworthy and reputable company to do the work.

While working away on the day of installation the Service Technicians came across 12 mason jars full of gold dust hiding under the floor grill of an older home. The lucky homeowners were very pleased to find out that the home they had purchased was literally sitting on a gold mine and they would become the benefactors. The total value of the 12 mason jars full of gold dust was a whopping $300,000.

Clark & Rush is a local company to Sacramento and have been around for 50 plus years. A lot can be said about a company that has been around that long and how loyal their employees are to them. We would like to commend the Clark & Rush Company and their employees for their honesty and integrity in dealing with this type of situation.

In our line of business we always feel for our customers because we know that buying a new furnace or an air conditioner is not the ideal place to be spending your hard earned money. We call it a “Grudge Purchase”! So… the moral of this story… We can’t promise gold on every installation, but if we find some, we would be honoured and happy to see a smile on your face when we place it in your hands:)

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