Nest Thermostat – Pro’s and Con’s

Only recently have thermostats become so “cool” that consumers actually enjoy talking about them. It wasn’t that long ago that they were even referred to as “wall acne” and go back a couple years ago and ask an Interior Decorator their opinion of the thermostat. Times have changed and this is a direct result from the technology of former Apple Executives or the Creators of the Nest Thermostat.

Nest Thermostat

Here is a quick review of the Nest Thermostat:


~The sensors on this thermostat react to movement, light, temperature and humidity.

~Easiest thermostat to program because you actually don’t have to program it. It learns your daily routine and after the first week it has set itself up for your lifestyle.

~If you want to set the schedule yourself it can be easily overridden.

~It has a humidity sensor and when humidity is low the technology shuts off.

~Nest works with two-stage cooling and dual fuel systems, including second stage cooling, third stage heating, dual fuel, emergency heat and whole-home humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

~Will notify you when you need to change your air filters or if your A/C or furnace is malfunctioning.

~Very mobile friendly with your Nest online account. You can override the system from anywhere as long as you have Wi-Fi.

~Nest offers a 5 year warranty on the product.

~It uses Wi-Fi to transmit the savings data to your account so you can see exactly how much you are saving.

~A newer version has a built in smoke and CO alarm.


~Competing thermostats allow you to personalize their looks with skins and screensavers.

~Have heard of some compatibility problems with certain brands of air conditioners and furnaces.

~If you have a 2 story house and are upstairs frequently, you may have to invest in a second Nest thermostat for the upstairs as well.

~They encourage self installation which could lead to some wiring problems and future malfunctions.

~Other brands have a lot more experience in the heating and cooling industry.

Overall the Nest thermostat is an incredibly efficient programmable thermostat that is extremely easy to use. It learns and adjusts to your lifestyle and will program itself after just a week.

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