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Most of you know the name American Standard because you sit on the proverbial “royal throne” numerous times a week. The brand logo creates a lasting visual in your brains memory but, on the flip side, how often do you look at your furnace or air conditioner? Maybe four times a year? This is why educating the public on furnace and air conditioner brands can be useful.

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Late last week we had the opportunity to attend the American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Annual General Meeting. American Standard produces all types of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) equipment and in doing so, they produce some of the top rated furnaces and air conditioners based on industry standards and consumer reports. One of the questions/statements we hear all the time is “American Standard makes furnaces and air conditioners… we thought they just made toilets!?!?”

American Standard was established in the 1880’s when they pioneered clean and affordable heating for residential homes. They manufactured the earliest cast-iron radiators and with more than 100 years of building comfort behind their name they produce today’s highly efficient heating and cooling systems.


Here are some of their highlights over the past couple years:

  • Voted most reliable air conditioners and heat pumps by the internationally renowned “Consumer Reports”
  • Ranked highest in overall dealer satisfaction 5 times
  • Readers on national product-testing magazine rated their gas furnaces as the most reliable brand among 12 leading manufacturers
  • Their AccuClean Whole-Home Air Filtration System was given a top ranking by readers of a national product-testing application

At the AGM last week they also unveiled some amazing new equipment and technology that will be receiving more awards and recognition this year. Including, the AccuLink Platinum ZV Control “home communicating system” which could also be referred to as a groundbreaking, sophisticated, all the bells and whistles, collaborative thermostat. Imagine walking down your hallway at home and checking the weather out on your “home communicating system” to help plan out your day. This new system/device also comes Nexia enabled which means you can remotely lock/unlock doors, turn on lights for security or monitor your heating and cooling to save energy.

The next time you enter the bathroom and have some time to think, I challenge you to start thinking of some of the other highly ranked products that American Standard has to offer. Such as: furnaces, air conditioners, air filtration units, air exchangers, duct-less a/c’s, humidifiers, smart thermostats etc.

Please don’t flush these products from your memory as you will be in need of fresh, clean air!

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