Outdoor Kitchens – extend your season with radiant heat.

I just got back from a “Baeumler Approved” (baeumlerapproved.ca) vendors meeting at the Lowes opening in Burlington. Here we met with not only Bryan himself, but got to talk to fellow contractors about the exciting things we were seeing in the industry. Frequent readers of these blogs will know how we routinely talk about how unsexy heating (and air conditioning) is. For once, we had a chance to talk with a couple of people who were generally excited about the heating contribution to their new projects.

Bryan Bauemler

Peter Wagner, Bryan Baeumler, JR Waddell

In addition to talking about how infloor (or radiant) heat is such a big value added feature on kitchen and bathroom renovations (using hot water, not electric), we touched on heated towel racks (fairly common in Europe), instant hot water (instead of waiting for the hot water to get from the basement to the faucet), and vanity kick plates (heaters with small fans blowing warm air over your feet as you stand in front of the bathroom mirror). In the hands of professional kitchen and bath designers, these are the touches that truly make “dream renos”.

Since everyone’s thoughts were on getting outside again, the topics naturally turned to outdoor reno’s – more specifically the huge increase in the number of outdoor kitchens and living spaces that people were installing. A few of the people in the discussion (visitsofa.com) were quite excited to know that buy installing some hot water pipes with the slab or a paving stone deck, we could increase the length of time that you could enjoy the new addition to your home. It amazes people how comfortable it can be eating outdoors late in the fall.

The recipe for comfort is really quite simple. First, you need to make sure the area is full. We are lucky to have a table that seats 8 comfortably, 12 in a pinch. Second, you need to try and ‘trap’ the body heat – obviously drawing the curtains as tight as possible. Third, with a radiant heated slab – the chill from the ground is blocked, and finally, a healthy array of candles not only creates some atmosphere, it can also ‘top up the heat’.

Think about this extra feature when installing an outdoor living area. It will allow you to enjoy it from May to October, instead of just the summer months! If you’re feeling particularly decadent, you can use the heat to melt the snow on the path to the BBQ over the winter!

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