Guest Post: A look at heating and AC closer to the Equator

(In the middle of last weekend’s gorgeous weather, I remember stepping into our (coolish) house thinking, “Will I ever be glad when we don’t need air conditioning anymore this season?” How bad is that? After the winter we had!?!? Then I started thinking about what the summer and winter would look like closer to the Tropics or Equator. We thought it would be interesting to ask our friends at Champion AC in San Antonio, Texas their opinion and here is what Dale Blasingame had to say.)

Here in south Texas, it’s a running joke that people break out their parkas the first time it dips below 60F (15C). For those of us who have a closet full of hardly worn winter clothes, we typically have to take what we can get. Truth be told, we do occasionally have winter down here – at least something we call winter. People in Canada may laugh at our definition, though.Champion AC Team

The coldest months here in San Antonio are typically December and January. In December, we average a high temperature of 65F (18C) and a low of 42F (5C). In January, the high peaks at 63F (17C), with a low temperature of 44F (6C). We do occasionally have hard freezes, but it makes major headlines when it happens.

So what’s it like during our “winters?” Pretty pleasant, actually. Most winter days here in San Antonio, you’re fine in a long-sleeve shirt and pants. Some days, shorts and flip-flops are even possible. Homeowners here typically run the heater at night only – and it’s usually just to keep a chill out of the house. You can get by without it most nights (if you really had to). That’s pretty much the situation from October to mid-April.

You can’t say that about air conditioning in the summer, however. Our hottest months are July and August – both with an average high of 95F (35C). It’s not uncommon for it to still be hovering around 90F at 8 or 9 p.m. here during summer. From mid-April until September, homeowners put a major stress on their home AC systems. Remember, a typical, efficient AC is calculated to keep your home about 20 degrees colder than the outside temperature. That’s still not accomplishing much when it reaches 105F on certain days. So we depend on ceiling fans (a necessity here in south Texas) to help supplement the air conditioning and keep us cool. And clothing-wise, it’s totally normal to wear tank tops, shorts and flip-flops every day you’re not in the office. No one looks at you funny for doing that down here!

So, while we don’t envy y’all (had to throw in a y’all for y’all) during winter, those summer months you go through sure do sound nice!

By Dale Blasingame


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