Summer Polar Vortex is on its way to Ontario

As the Backstreet Boys would say – Oh my God, were back again! Gonna bring the cold air flow, show you how. Yes, that is right the winter polar vortex is bringing it’s version of the summer polar vortex back next week. With the nighttime temperatures falling as low as 10 Celsius, you may need to change your thermostat from cool to heat.

Polar Vortex is defined as a swirling mass of air, that is around all the time but usually found around the poles. Recently, different trends in our typical weather pattern have forced it to come down into territories that don’t usually see this cold of temperatures.

A weather pattern packing chilly Arctic air is moving south next week which will penetrate into the United States also affecting Ontario. The pocket of cool air will actually be felt as far down south as Texas. In Ontario the low temperatures will give off a Fall like affect but this is only expected to last a few days. Normally, in mid July, the average daily temperature would hover around 26 Celsius and next week the prediction is to be closer to 16 Celsius during the day. Seasonal record temperatures could be set next week.

If you haven’t already put your winter clothes away, you could have made a very smart decision. Start thinking about pants, sweatshirts, pullovers and saving on some energy from the use of your air conditioner. We hope that you won’t have to make the switch from cooling to heating but, with that being said, let us know if you have any problems with your temperature comfort levels.

Take a look at this video from NBC’s weather team!

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