Air Conditioner to Homeowner: “you’ve got to be kidding, you hardly acknowledge me for 3 months, and in the last week of the summer you suddenly need me around the clock?”

Imagine you’re in a FAR SIDE comic, only instead of the animals talking, its our household appliances – or more specifically your air conditioner. This summer it might be saying something like the above. Talking to people I see occasionally, they seem surprised when I tell them that business wise, this hasn’t been a particularly busy season. Perhaps its that after 14 quarters of double digit growth, we’ve finally hit a couple of soft months. What’s changed? The weather. Our marketing partners at Echosims ( have shown us that after the initial change of season, service work disappears without extreme weather.

At Hogg, we’ve chosen to grow our business through responsive, cost effective service calls both on the preventive and emergency repair side. History has shown us that people will be proactive when it is cost effective to do so. That’s why we launched our widely successful $45 preseason tune-up for not only air conditioners and furnaces, but fireplaces, water softeners, pool heaters as well. Unfortunately, many people still choose to run their heating and cooling equipment until it breaks down. When you get to a certain point in the season, homeowners tend to say “we may need to replace it, but we’ll wait until next year – we can tough it out for the few days left”.

Obviously, its easier for us (and cheaper for our customers) to do preventive maintenance. Regardless, there are a lot of old inefficient units out there that are just waiting for a heat wave (and some prolonged use) to break down. The strange thing this year is that its taken until the last week of the summer for us to have one! So, as everyone’s thoughts are turning to back to school and the end of summer, your air conditioner might just be starting the hard work for the year!

We pride ourselves on being able to respond to emergency situations faster than anyone else in the market, so at times like these we’ve got our work cut out for us. But the good news is – the heat wave we’ve been waiting for is here! Get ready for a couple of long days, guys…there’s air conditioners out there that need fixing!

By Peter Wagner

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