There is a new Golf in Town… Golf Social

Literally this was the coolest Golf Social event everrrr! The Golf Social or in previous years known as the Golf Twitterment just completed its fourth year. For the past three years it has literally been held on the hottest day of the summer. Hence, why this past Tuesday it was the coolest (temperature wise) Golf Social to be had. With all of the videos, pictures, posts, publicity and chatter at the post golf dinner, it may in fact have been the coolest (most interactive and fun) Golf Social to date.




















We mentioned earlier that the Polar Vortex wasn’t completely gone for the summer creating a Pollen Vortex. With the current temperatures we are sure you can all tell that the jet-stream has dipped down lower creating colder temperatures this year. Link to Pollen Vortex Blog. That being said we sure lucked out weather wise while participating in the Golf Social this year. The Weather Network was calling for severe thunderstorms all day Tuesday and while we did have some cloudy periods and a little bit of rain, for the most part the sun was shining on all of the fun. Rosalind, Resource Development Lead at Community Support Connections, Meals on Wheels and More (the charitable benefactor for the Golf Social) stated “We were so lucky the weather stayed on our side, at one point I saw the satellite in the pro shop and there was rain everywhere around Kitchener, from Goderich to Barrie to Hamilton to London.”

Community Support Connections, Meals on Wheels and More is a local charitable organization that provides a vast range of supports and services that enables seniors and adults with disabilities to live at home with independence and dignity. Their dedicated and trained staff of home helpers and especially volunteers are the foundation of their efforts. From personal visits and security calls to home maintenance and snow removal, CSC provides a variety of services to lessen feelings of loneliness, isolation, and strengthens confidence and independence.

The Golf Social is a non-traditional Golf Tournament that creates lasting memories & powerful conversations through social activities, challenges and the sharing of unique business and personal stories through social media. Please see below some of our participating pictures to get a better idea of this charitable event. Last year on the hottest day of the summer we provided the “air conditioner beat down challenge” as a way to take out some of your frustrations on your high utility bills.

The 2014 Golf Social’s unofficial results say they tallied enough money to subsidize more 1,400 meals for local seniors and adults with disabilities through their Meal Subsidy Program. Great job to everyone who participated, sponsored, volunteered and organized the spectacularly fun day!

We hope to see you at the Golf Social next year either as a participant or sponsor for this great charity. You won’t forget the connections, interactions and fun you will have.

Check out the Golf Social Facebook page for more pictures. Click HERE

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