Hogg Heating & Air Conditioning Testimonial by Murray Dick

October 5, 2014

Dear Terry,

The installation of our boiler is now complete. It is time to take stalk of how the project went.

I think you and the whole crew at Hogg have done a great job. Your work in introducing us to the idea of a boiler and in working the project through to completion is greatly appreciated. As you know there were two of your technical people that were involved in the planning and execution of the installation. A few words about them.

Hogg / Beaumler

Hogg / Beaumler

Travis is an exceptional tradesman. His planning of the installation and the selection and advice about the products that should be used was excellent. I think we both learned something in that process. In addition, he was meticulous in his execution of the project. Hogg would be wise to make sure he remains with them and that they give him increasing responsibilities. He has both the intelligence and the personal skills to handle more.

Alex was the second member of the team and I feel the same way about him. He was thorough and he was meticulous. He had a great understanding of the system and he worked really well with Travis. I believe he too is and will be a great asset to Hogg and will be able to grow within the company.

As a former home builder and developer I have always enjoyed working with and watching work, trades people that are smart and knowledgeable about what they are doing. Travis and Alex are two of the best I have worked with. I would recommend Hogg, you and them any time. Well done.


Murray Dick

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