Gas Fireplaces – 5 Reasons to say Go to Gas

This beauty will keep you warm through those long winter months.

This beauty will keep you warm through those long winter months.

As the weather gets cooler don’t you wish you had a nice, warm fireplace to snuggle up in front of at the end of the day?

If the idea of fireplace installation has been on your radar, the first big question that needs to be answered is what kind of fireplace do you want installed: gas or wood? Both gas and wood fireplaces have their merits, but in urban and suburban areas there is little doubt that a gas fireplace makes more sense in the long run.

Here is a list of 5 reasons that gas is great when installing a fireplace.

  1. Lack of Lumber – no matter what kind of fireplace you decide to install, you will need fuel. A gas fireplace runs off natural gas supplied by the gas company that services your area. While we all love the smell of a log fire, finding a steady supply of lumber safe for burning (not to mention a place to store it before use) can be a little challenging, especially if you want to avoid synthetic logs.
  2. Installation is Much Easier – Since there is no need for a chimney (most indoor fireplaces have their own venting systems) it means that a lot of major construction can be avoided. Also, the installation usually costs much less than that of a wood fireplace so you are able to keep a little bit of extra cash in your pocket.
  3. So much Safer – There are virtually no fumes released from a gas fireplace as natural gas is a clean-burning fuel, releasing almost zero contaminants into the air during consumption. Also, there are no errant sparks crackling into your living area meaning it is better in regards to indoor fire safety.
  4. Constant Heat – With wood fireplaces you must continually stoke the fire and tend to it to make sure it is not burning down to embers. For this reason, the heat put out by a gas fireplace is much more constant than that of a wood burning one. Also, since the heat can be more easily regulated and the fire doesn’t continually need to be tended, gas fireplaces, on average, put off more heat and keep you toasty for longer.
  5.  Energy Savings – when used regularly to help supplement your other eating costs, a gas fireplace can help cut your heating bill! The return on heat versus gas used is very high and can be used to support your home’s traditional heating system

With countless different styles to choose from, a gas fireplace comes out head and shoulders above its traditional wood-burning counterparts for the urban and suburban home owner. Its ability to keep large spaces warm with less effort is also a great option for anyone living in a rural farmhouse. It is nice having heat at the flip of a switch!

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