10 Tips and Tricks for a Safer Holiday

Fragile glass ornaments like this one should be kept out of reach of tiny fingers.

Fragile glass ornaments like this one should be kept out of reach of tiny fingers.

Whether you are lighting the tree, menorah or kinara this winter there are plenty of ways to keep your home and family safe this holiday season.

A few small considerations can make the difference between being safe and not; these tips, tricks and ideas are simple and can be implemented in no time at all. So, here are 10 ways to make sure your holiday season is both safe and enjoyable:

  1. Make sure your tree is sturdy – Having a sturdy base for your tree, whether it is artificial or not, is a big step toward Christmas safety.
  2. Keep poisonous plants away from your furry friends – Poinsettias, holly and mistletoe are all dangerous or our furry friends. Whether you have your own pets or some critters might be coming to visit with their owners, it is always best to make sure these plants can’t be reached by curious quadrupeds.
  3. Candles should not be left unattended.

    Candles should not be left unattended.

    Watch the candles/ lamps – Anything with an open flame holds the potential to ruin even the best holiday if it is not properly tended. Blow out candles and lamps when you leave the room. Make sure all candles or lamps are in areas where they will not be knocked down by curious animals. Also, keep them away from flammable materials. This may sound like a no-brainer, but many fires have started in the name of aesthetics.

  4. Water regularly – if you have a live Christmas tree, make sure it is getting enough water. A live tree should be watered daily to keep it from drying out, lowering the fire risk.
  5. Don’t overextend – This time of year can mean a lot of holiday lighting; unfortunately, not all power outlets are conveniently placed. If you have to use extension cords, do not attach two cords together. Use one cord and make sure that it is not stretched taut. Also, if you are using extension cords outside for a display, ensure you are using an outdoor cord. Indoor cords to not made to keep water away from the electrical current and could lead to serious injury if improperly used.
  6. Get rid of glass – Low hanging glass ornaments may be gorgeous but they are also an accident waiting to happen when you have pets or small children. Take into account what visitors may be in your house over the holidays. Reserve the more durable plastic ornaments for decorating where tiny hands can reach and put your pretty glass ones at eye level or above. Not only will they be out of harm’s way, they will be at a height that makes them easier to appreciate.
  7. Check your fire and carbon monoxide detectors – There may be a lot of people in your home over this holiday season; it is your responsibility to keep them safe. Make sure that all of your fire detectors are working properly and that you have properly installed carbon monoxide detectors in areas where people will be gathering.
  8. Tend to your cooking – The last thing you want is your holiday dinner to go up in smoke. Keeping a weather eye on your turkey and veg will not only help keep the bird moist but will also ensure that nothing flammable ends up on a burner or somewhere equally dangerous.
  9. Turn out those lights – We hope that you turn out your lights when you leave the house anyway, but the big thing is to make sure that you turn out ALL the lights. We don’t have our Christmas trees and celebratory displays up all year around making them easier to forget. If you have trouble remembering, you could put a small note on your door reminding you to do your due diligence.
  10. Watch your arts and crafts – While your child’s paper ornament may be adorable, it is also very flammable. When it comes to things like this, it’s all about location, location, location. Make sure that all flammable ornaments are kept away from open flame or sources of excessive heat; not only will this keep your house safer but it will also help prevent these sentimental treasures from becoming damaged.

Remember, the only Nightmare you want Before Christmas involves Tim Burton. Keep safe over this holiday season!

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