Fix your Leaky Faucets, Save your Money


HVAC and plumbing are very close friends – you can normally find them chumming around with one another in the business sector, and with good reason. There are many similarities between the two trades, but none more apparent than the consumer aspect. The big similarity is how many consumers put off fixing what starts out as a small issue until it has blossomed into something much, much bigger.

One such thing is a leaky faucet. Whether you plan on fixing it yourself or having someone in to do the job, it is always better to get the issue sorted out as soon as possible. Why? Well, there are actually many reasons to deal as quickly as possible with a leaky faucet.

Here are three reasons you should fix a leaky faucet as soon as possible:

  1. It’s wasteful – That dribble of water running down your drain may not seem like much, but wasting water can have many negative effects on the environment. Processing and purifying water takes time and energy that you are just pouring down the sink by not fixing your dripping taps. It may not seem like a lot of water, but every little bit helps when it comes to conservation.
  2. Drip by James Lee

    Drip by James Lee

    It’s costly – think about your water bill! Tens of thousands of litres of water are wasted due to leaky faucets, helping to ramp up consumption bills. Nobody enjoys paying for things they don’t use; fix that faucet and be done with it!

  3. It’s not that hard – For those of you that act like you are allergic to manual labour, there are services you can call to have a leaky faucet fixed, but you can save yourself some money by doing a bit of home handiwork. In reality, fixing a faucet only needs a couple of tools and less than 30 minutes of your time, so why not give it a shot? There are great how-to articles littering the internet, much like this very helpful Guardian article.  A quick Google search can also give you all of the information you need.

So there you have it. A bit of home maintenance know-how can go a long way in both saving you time and money. Don’t let that faucet keep dripping away your hard-earned money – fix it!

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