Why We Send Fully Trained HVAC Techs

Let us help.

Let us help.

We are going to take a moment in this Wednesday’s blog post to focus on something that we normally don’t; ourselves.

Really, though, this isn’t too much of a deviation – we try to cover topics that will help keep your home running its best, and one way to do that is to make sure the “outsiders” you call in for repairs are also at their best.

One way Hogg Heating and Air Conditioning makes sure it offers optimum service to its clients is by making sure that all our technicians are fully qualified to deal with any issue that may arise during a furnace checkup or emergency call. By having fully trained technicians on staff we know that any HVAC issues they come across will be fixed quickly, and more importantly, properly.

Even the relatively “simple” tune ups we offer are performed by fully qualified technicians. Why? Well, look at it this way – over 90 per cent of the tune ups we perform every season are fairly routine, involving minor tweaks to keep your HVAC fixtures running well. On occasion, though, we run into a more serious problem. If we sent a less-experienced technician to your house and they ran into an issue, they would have to call in another technician, wait for them to arrive, have them perform another check on the system to see where the issue was and then perform the repair. This means more time with us in your house, longer waits for repairs and overall, a less pleasant customer experience. Our ultimate responsibility, as with any other company (HVAC or otherwise), is to our clients. We want you to be happy and confident with the service we offer.

By making the effort to make sure that all of our technicians are fully qualified we provide peace of mind. You know you are taken care of when we enter your home.

Make sure to do your research with any company that may be sending technicians into your home and always hire the ones that only send professional, fully qualified people to perform any offered services.

If you have any questions, comments or have a topic you would like covered on our blog, contact us through our website, via Twitter or on our Facebook page.

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