Life Hacks for your Home – Vol. 1

lifehacksEveryone wants to make their life a bit easier. Over the next few weeks we will be filling you in on some amazing life hacks that will make things run a little smoother in your home.

These tips and tricks, or “hacks,” as the internet has dubbed them, are made to be simple, cost effective and convenient. Best of all, they will help make your life easier and more organized. Here are 10 tips to help make things in your house run smoothly:

  1. Too many keys on your keychain? Paint the tips of them with different colour nail polish! Make sure to seal it with a clear coat over top. Viola! You have a colour-coded key ring!
  2. Are you always mixing up your electrical cords? Save some of your old bread/ milk tags and use them to label your cords. Just write on the tag and clip them on!
  3. Have lots of shedding pets? Use a squeegee to pull animal hair out of your carpets. By removing all of this dander you are also helping your indoor air quality.
  4. If you decide to rearrange your furniture, make sure you have some ice cubes handy! Place ice cubes on carpet indentations and watch them disappear!
  5. Put an extra shower curtain rod in your shower to create more storage space. Use extra shower hooks to hang small cloths and loofahs. You can also find some relatively inexpensive baskets that hang on the bar and collect any odds-and-ends (two particularly good places to find these are at Jysk and Ikea).
  6. Hanging shoe racks are great for just about any type of small-clutter storage. One of the most popular non-shoe uses is for organizing cleaning supplies.
  7. Don’t’ throw out that empty toilet paper roll! Use the rolls to keep electrical cords from getting tangled. USB cords fit perfectly inside the rolls while you can feed larger cords through and use them to hold the bundled cord together.
  8. Lose an earring on the carpet? Put a pair of pantyhose over the nozzle of your vacuum and run it over the area where you dropped it.
  9. Rub a walnut on dinged wood furniture to cover up any small scratches.
  10. Use a can opener to open the edges of blister packs – they come open easily and you get to avoid some nasty cuts!

So there you have it – a few ways to make life easier in your home. Next week we will look at some home renovation hacks to help with any home repairs you might have this spring.

If you have any questions, know some great life hacks you would like to share or would like to see another topic covered on our blog, please contact us via our website, on Twitter or on our Facebook page.

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