Air Conditioner Maintenance – Planner and Procrastinator

Today, we would like to start by telling you a little story:

Not so long ago, on a quiet street lived two women: their names were Planner and Procrastinator.

Planner made sure everything was always in order while Procrastinator repeatedly promised that the chores would get done later.

One day, Procrastinator was out on a walk and noticed that Planner had called in a local HVAC company to take a look at her air conditioner. Curious as to what was wrong, she decided to go up and knock on the door. “Hello,” she said, “have you had some issues with your air conditioner?”

“No,” replied Planner, “I just call in a local contractor every year to have my air conditioner serviced. It has saved me a lot of trouble over the years.”

“How?” Asked Procrastinator.

“Well, every year they come in and look at our air conditioner and make sure that it is in good repair. They tweak it and fill up the coolant so I have the peace of mind to know it will work for me all through the summer.”

“That’s all well and good,” Said Procrastinator, “But it seems like a waste of time if there’s nothing wrong with the unit.”

“But a tune-up can catch small problems before they become expensive repairs,” Answered Planner.

“I think I will take my chances,” Replied Procrastinator. With that, the two neighbours parted ways.

Months later, during the hottest day of the year, Procrastinator decided to turn on her air conditioner. To her surprise, her house didn’t cool down. It turns out that years of neglect had left her air conditioner in poor repair. Her lack of initiative meant that her air conditioner had failed her when she needed it the most.

Procrastinator went over to Planner’s house and knocked on the door. “Could I have the name of that HVAC company you used to get the tune-up? My air conditioner has broken down and I need someone I can trust.”

One large repair bill later, Procrastinator thanked the technician for his help. “Also,” She mentioned, almost as an afterthought, “could you tell me a bit about preventative maintenance? I don’t want to end up in this situation again.”

Don't be a procrastinator! picture from

Don’t be a procrastinator!
picture from


Of course, this is oversimplified, but the message is the same; we don’t think about performing maintenance on our HVAC units until it’s too late.

Don’t be a Procrastinator; set up your $55 tuneup with Hogg and go into this summer with cool air and peace of mind.

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