Indoor Air Quality Rides on Furnace Filters

Would you want to breathe air being forced through this?

Would you want to breathe air being forced through this?

Remember to change your furnace filters!

I know, you’re thinking why would I change the filter on my FURNACE? It’s spring!

Many people start neglecting the big fire-breathing beast in their basements as soon as the warm weather hits. In truth, spring is the optimal time to be on top of changing your air filter. Why is that? Because of allergies, of course! Indoor air quality is important all year around and just because you aren’t heating your house doesn’t mean that you can’t use your furnace to help keep you healthy.

According to a report on CBC, up to 10 million Canadians suffer from seasonal allergies. One way to minimize the amount of pollen in your living areas is to make sure you are changing your air filter. Pollen starts flying in April and doesn’t stop until October, so wouldn’t you like to keep as much of that stuff out of your house as possible?

When we turn off our heat for the summer, that doesn’t mean that our furnaces stop working. The fans keep air circulating in our homes, pushing through the cooled air from our air conditioners. It also pushes any contaminants that may be in the air through your house, greatly reducing your indoor air quality. A clean air filter can help to filter out any of those allergens, bettering your indoor air quality as well as enhancing your overall indoor comfort.

We suggest changing your air filter regularly to minimize indoor air quality contamination. If you are unsure of what type of air filter to use or are having trouble finding the right filter for your furnace, contact your local HVAC specialists and they will help set you up with everything you need.

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