Natural Gas Barbeques are Hot!

So you’re buying a new barbeque? Good for you! Summer is made for sizzle and you are ready to join the league of great outdoor chefs.

One thing you need to consider before the grill even leaves the store, though, is what kind of fuel you would like to use. There are many options to choose from, but we think only one makes absolutely perfect sense; natural gas.

We are sure you’re asking “Why natural gas? Why not another fuel?” Well, the other two main fuel types, charcoal and propane, are readily available, but charcoal is messy and propane is much more expensive than its natural gas counterpart.

One of the best things about natural gas is that once you have an outlet installed in your home (we do that!), you will never run out of gas! As it is attached straight to the gas line that runs into your home, you will always be grill-ready. Best of all, you will never have to change another propane tank! And with natural gas only costing about 1/6 as much as propane, you can save money while you cook.

Natural gas is also a quick-heating fuel source. A charcoal grill can take a long time to heat while a gas grill is ready to go in minutes. If convenience is the name of your game, natural gas is the way to go.

If you don’t already have a natural gas line hooked up for use with a barbeque, don’t worry! Just call a local contractor and they will send a qualified professional over to install the line. The installation is fairly pocketbook friendly and the best part is that you will make any cash you do put out on it back through the cost savings of using natural gas as your barbeque fuel.

Hogg Mechanical offers this service along with the peace of mind provided by a 140 year-old company.

If you would like to schedule an installation or learn more, please visit our website or give us a call. If you have any great barbeque hacks, would like a topic covered on our blog or have any questions, please contact us via our website, on Twitter or on our Facebook page.

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