Carbon Monoxide in the Summer

Carbon monoxide is a big issue for Canadians. We have some very intense winters here in the Great White North and as a result need to use indoor heating during the cold months. The largest amount of carbon monoxide poisonings happen during this time, mostly due to faults in a home’s furnace ventilation system. This issue is large enough that in 2014, the Government of Ontario made it Mandatory to have carbon monoxide detectors installed in every home.

We tend to think that the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning disappear once we switch from heat to air conditioning. While carbon monoxide poisoning occurrences do drop during this time, it does not mean that you should not be aware of the symptoms at all times. Carbon monoxide poisoning can happen at any time in almost any place.

For instance, when you are out camping, you should be aware of carbon monoxide risks. Many propane stoves and other heating devices can put off carbon monoxide. If you are using them in an enclosed space with poor ventilation you can risk carbon monoxide poisoning. Many people don’t think about carbon monoxide as a danger when camping, but it only takes one mistake to create some deadly consequences.

Also, any time you are using a gas-powered tool or appliance without proper ventilation you can run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. A good example is this story; two men got carbon monoxide poisoning by using gas-powered tools in an unventilated area. Thankfully these men survived, but the story could have been very different if they had not noticed the signs.

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Know the signs!

Know the signs!

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