Barbeque Maintenance – The Basics

bbqGrilling is a cultural imperative in North America, and flame-kissed foods will be making their way onto our plates more often as the weather gets warmer. Burgers and steaks (an even some portabella mushrooms or grilled asparagus for our veggie-loving friends) will become a summer staple for patio eating. One thing that can ruin all of this barbequed goodness, though, is a poorly maintained grill.

Beyond keeping your grill looking its best, cleaning can have some great benefits for both yourself and the barbeque. A barbeque that is cleaned regularly will have a longer life than one that is neglected. Also, taking the time to clean your barbeque can clear way any potential carcinogens that could easily end up on your food.

First and foremost, check for gas leaks on a regular basis. It’s worth taking a little sniff to see if you can smell gas escaping. Also, make sure to visually check the gas line for any signs of wear. If you want to be extra thorough, get a spray bottle and mix up a soap-and-water solution (2 tsp soap to 1 cup water) and spray the line. Look for any bubbles. If anything looks suspicious, change the hose immediately.

Another good idea is making sure you clean your grill every time you barbeque. Heat your grill and scrape the ash with a barbeque brush. Not only will you be removing potentially harmful compounds from the grill, your food will taste better.

Finally, it is worth doing a thorough clean on your barbeque at least once a year. We would recommend that you do it at the beginning and end of the barbeque season, but better once than not at all. Take apart components and clean with soapy water when appropriate. Your grill usually comes with cleaning instructions. If you no longer have the instructions, visit the manufacturer’s website for step-by-step instructions.

Do you have any tips you use to keep your grill squeaky clean? If so, contact us via our website, on Twitter or through our Facebook page.

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