Life Hacks Vol. 6 – Spring/ Summer Hacks

lifehacksThe summer weather is coming and since we love life hacks, we would love to share some of our favourite hacks for when the warm weather arrives.

Here are some of the best life spring and summer hacks to help make the warm weather as enjoyable as possible.

  • Freeze aloe vera – If we’re going to share life hacks, we may as well start with one that will make you most comfortable. After a really bad sunburn, aloe vera can be an absolute godsend. Give this soothing gel a little extra oomph by freezing it in an ice cube tray. The chilled gel will be extra-soothing while still providing the healing properties associated with aloe.
  • Baby powder removes sand – Going to the beach? Bring some baby powder! Not only does it smell delightful, it also helps remove all that excess sand from your feet. Sprinkle your sandy toes with the powder and the grit just comes off.
  • Create a mini-safe for your possessions – If you’re worried about leaving your valuables unsupervised, make a clever safe by using an old suntan lotion bottle. Rinse the bottle thoroughly and use it to store your cash, cards, keys and, if the bottle is big enough, your cell phone. This idea is great for your cooler, beach bag or picnic basket. This life hack could not only safe you some worry, but the added aggravation of having to replace stolen valuables.
A simple life hack like this one can keep all your valuables safe at the beach!

A simple life hack like this one can keep all your valuables safe at the beach!

Do you have any great life hacks you would like to share? Contact us via our website, on Twitter or through our Facebook page.

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