Life Hacks Vol. 7 – Gardening Hacks

lifehacksSpring has finally decided to come for a visit which means that it’s time for us to start planting. Whether you prefer flowers, vegetables, or something else entirely, these gardening life hacks will help ensure that you have the healthiest garden possible.

  • Plant your seeds in egg shells – the minerals in the egg shell will feed your little seedling and help give it the best start possible. When the seedling is ready to be planted, just put it in the ground, shell and all. The shell will naturally biodegrade and continue to help feed your plants.
  • Coffee grounds will keep your plants healthy – Now that you’ve given your plants the best start, keep them going by spreading your spent coffee grounds in the garden. The grounds contain a lot of nitrogen which is a plant superfood. Your garden will thrive with the addition of your breakfast leftovers. Many bugs and other pests will avoid coffee grounds, so you are solving two problems in one! If you’re not a coffee drinker, don’t worry. A lot of coffee shops will give away their grounds if you ask.
  • Have a slug problem? Give them some beer! – Use this life hack if the slimy things are giving you trouble in your garden. Slugs are secretly little lushes. If you place a shallow pan of beer in your garden, the slugs will come in droves. Once they have gotten themselves into the beer pan, they will drown and can be removed easily.
  • Use vodka to elongate your cut flowers’ lives – after growing those gorgeous flowers, you may decide to cut them so you can enjoy their beauty indoors. Make sure they last as long as possible by adding a bit of vodka to your plant water. The vodka will help preserve the plants by slowing their decomposition. A shot or two can go a long way, though. Too much will kill your flowers very fast!

So there you have it. These life hacks will help you have your best growing year yet.

If you have any great gardening life hacks or would like to ask us questions about our HVAC services, please feel free to contact us via our website, on Twitter or through our Facebook page.


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