Turn down your Air Conditioner, Save Money

Sometimes, the heat is just too much!

Sometimes, the heat is just too much!

While we want to stay comfortable in the summer, we also want to do it in the most efficient way possible. That can be challenging when we are blasting our air conditioning 24 hours a day.

Here are three ideas for how to save energy and cash during the summer months.

  • Set you air conditioner to a higher temperature. Even a couple degrees can make a huge difference to your overall hydro bill. This also means your air conditioning unit isn’t running as often. There will be less wear and tear on the parts thanks to your energy conservation. Pair less running time with proper air conditioner maintenance and your unit will last a lot longer without need of major repair or replacement. Also, turning off your air conditioning unit at night can save you a lot of money.
  • Open a window! When your air conditioner isn’t on and your house is feeling a bit stuffy, don’t reach for the thermostat. Open a window and let Mother Nature cool you down. Sometimes a fresh breeze is all you need to make your house feel revitalized. If there still isn’t enough circulation, use a fan. It costs a lot less than turning on your air and can be just as effective during cooler weather.
  • Make sure to close vents in unused rooms. Just like you wouldn’t heat unused rooms in the winter, you don’t need to cool unused rooms in the summer. The easiest way to do this is to close the vents in these rooms. Keep the door closed and save yourself some money. If the room is going to be used in the near future, just open the vent a few hours beforehand to allow the room to reach a more desirable temperature.

Use these ideas this summer to help keep yourself comfortable and save yourself some money in the process.

If you have any great money-saving tips, would like to schedule some HVAC maintenance or have questions about HVAC products and services, please contact us via our website, Twitter or our Facebook page.

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