CO SERIES: Pt. 2 – Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Part 2 of the carbon monoxide safety series, in concert with New Berlin Heating and AirWest Air Conditioning and Heating.

This post comes to us from New Berlin Heating.


Symptoms of CO poisoning and what to do

On a sleepy, cold winter afternoon in Chicago Stephanie was feeling a bit under the weather. She was feeling foggy, weak and had a headache. She thought maybe she was just coming down with a cold so she laid down to watch a movie and tried to rest. An hour later she was awakened by her shortness of breath and immediately realized something was definitely wrong. Her heart started racing and she called 911. When the paramedics & fire department arrived they noticed the symptoms immediately and checked that Stephanie’s apartment had non functioning CO detectors. The paramedics told Stephanie that she was lucky to be alive and had she not woke herself up, the outcome could have been a lot worse.

CO poisoning is a scary and unfortunately common household occurrence. We want to make sure you know the symptoms and what to do if your CO detector goes off!

Most common CO Poison symptoms:

▪       Dull headache.

▪       Weakness.

▪       Dizziness.

▪       Nausea or vomiting.

▪       Shortness of breath.

▪       Confusion.

▪       Blurred vision.

▪       Loss of consciousness.


What to do if your CO detector goes off:

The most important piece of advice is : NEVER ignore your alarm. Your carbon monoxide detector is designed to alert you when there are elevated levels of carbon monoxide in your home, and even if you don’t feel any immediate health effects, you may still be at risk. Immediately open windows and doors for ventilation.

If anyone in your home is experiencing symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning—headache, dizziness or other flu-like symptoms—immediately evacuate the house and call the fire department.

If you have any questions about carbon monoxide, would like to see another topic covered in this series or have other HVAC questions, contact your local HVAC dealers or send questions to great companies like Hogg Heating and Air Conditioning, Airwest or New Berlin Heating.


Carbon Monoxide -Print this sheet off and place it somewhere your family can see it. Always be aware of the symptoms!

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