Life Hacks Vol. 9 – Summer Hacks


Did your AC conk out? Are you out on a camping trip?

Sometimes, we don’t have access to the creature comforts available at home and have to find other ways of staying comfortable. During the summer months, the best path to comfort is cooling yourself down.


Try a couple of these tested home remedies and enjoy some summer comfort!

  • Drink water. We know this sounds simple, but excessive sweating can cause serious dehydration. Keeping your body’s cooling system topped up is a good way of helping make sure you don’t succumb to heat stroke. Think of it as your body’s air conditioner; it can’t cool you down if there’s no coolant!
  • Dunk your feet in cold water. This is great on a muggy night in front of a campfire- just get a bucket and relax! There are a lot of blood vessels close to the skin in your feet, helping transfer the coolness of the water to the rest of your body via the bloodstream.
  • Run cool water over your wrists. This works similarly to the cold foot-bath trick. Any place there are a lot of blood vessels close to the surface of your skin is a great place to put an ice pack.
  • Eat cool foods. There are mixed reviews on whether hot beverages are good or bad for you during hot weather. One thing that isn’t debated, though, is the way a nice, cold ice pop will make you feel on a hot day. It will help bring down your core temperature and taste good to boot. We have placed a couple of our favourite recipes here to get you started.

Make sure to use common sense this summer. Avoid doing strenuous activity during the hottest parts of the day and if you feel like the heat is getting to be too much, go spend some time in an air conditioned area or cool off with a swim or cold shower. Most important, be safe this summer!

If you have any great tips for keeping cool, would like to schedule some air conditioning maintenance or have other HVAC questions, please contact us via our website, Twitter or our Facebook page.

Sometimes those dog days of summer can be too hot - so make sure to take precautions.

Sometimes those dog days of summer can be too hot – so make sure to take precautions.ife Hacks Vol. 9

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