Dehumidifiers help!

You know those days when you step outside and the air feels thick as soup? That’s humidity in action. Humid, muggy days make it feel much hotter, lending to a very uncomfortable day.

Humidity can make a 26 degree Celsius day feel like 35 degrees. In essence, it can be your biggest enemy when it comes to keeping cool, both in- and outside your home.

Humidity indoors can be a problem too. The more humid the air inside your home is, the warmer it will feel. While ambient humidity is important to your overall health and comfort – the pros suggest that you keep your indoor humidity in between 40 and 60 per cent for ideal comfort – too much can make it feel like your home is still way too hot, even if your air conditioner is turned up to 11.

Not taking care of that humidity will tempt you to turn up the air conditioner and ignore the humidity, putting a strain on both your unit and your wallet.

So what do you do?

The best idea is investing in a dehumidifier. We suggest a whole-home dehumidifier to deal with that pesky humidity. These work alongside your HVAC unit to remove excess moisture from the air, making it feel cooler in your home. If there are areas in your home that still feel a little too muggy, an in-room unit could be just the ticket.

A dehumidifier will help keep your home comfortable without having to break the bank on your home cooling costs.

If you have any questions about dehumidifiers, HVAC units or would like to schedule some maintenance, please contact us via our website, Twitter or our Facebook page. Stay cool!

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