Three Cool Facts about Air Conditioning

Three cool facts about climate control!

ventilator-304929_640Believe it or not, air conditioning is even cooler than you originally thought! Puns aside, though, your air conditioner has a really long and amazing history that you’ve probably never heard about. Here are three interesting facts about air conditioning history:

  • Did you know we’ve been using climate control for thousands of years? In 180 AD China, Ding Huan invented a 10-foot wide fan made of seven connected wheels. A single operator could power the cooling fans and keep an entire hall of people comfortable by turning the device’s crank (from
  • Willis Carrier invented the first mechanical air conditioning unit in 1902 to help control the climate in his industrial workplace. Where was that? A printing plant! The creation of the air conditioner saw a revolution in ink printing as everything dried more evenly in an environment where the heat and humidity could be controlled. Carrier went on to create the Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America which eventually helped to bring this climate control revolution to homes all across the world.
  • Benjamin Franklin had a hand in the development of cooling, too. In the 1750’s Franklin and his colleague John Hadley experimented with different cooling methods. They discovered that rapid evaporation could help cool objects well below the freezing point of water. Franklin was later quoted as saying: “From this experiment one may see the possibility of freezing a man to death on a warm summer’s day.”

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