Time to clean you air filter

When did you last clean your air filter?

With late summer comes some very unpleasant seasonal allergies; ragweed, goldenrod and other plants will be coming into bloom and clogging up the air with their pollen. For allergy sufferers, this can be an unpleasant time.

One way to minimize the effect these allergens will have indoors is to make sure you replace your HVAC unit’s air filter. Air filters should be replaced as often as once a month, depending on the season and the people living in your home. A clean air filter will ensure that your air conditioner is working at peak efficiency. As a bonus, a clean air filter is more efficient at removing dust and debris from the air, thus improving your overall indoor air quality.

What does this mean for you? It means easier breathing through the rest of the allergy season!

When you change your air filter, your house will benefit from more than just less pollen in the air. When your HVAC unit’s air filter is dirty and clogged, it is harder for air to pass through it, meaning that your unit’s components will have to work harder to do the same job. If your unit is working harder, not only are you wasting all of that excess energy, you are also hurting your unit. The harder your HVAC unit works, the sooner you will have to replace it.

If you have any questions, need to buy air filters or would like to schedule some HVAC maintenance, please feel free to contact us via our website, Twitter or our Facebook page.

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