Time to think about furnace maintenance

preventativThat time of year is upon us again. There’s a nip in the air, the kids are back at school and the leaves are starting to change.

It’s the perfect time to start thinking about your furnace.

We know most of you haven’t even tucked your air conditioner in for its winter nap, holding out in hope (or fear) of a few scorching days, but the time is coming and you want to make sure that when you go to fire up that furnace it’s ready to perform.

Wear and tear over years of use can have a negative effect of any form of equipment. With the added out-of-sight, our-of-mind factor that comes with HVAC appliances, they do have a tendency to be neglected. Most manufacturers and contractors suggest that ja tune-up is performed yearly on your furnace to keep it in peak condition.

When you schedule maintenance for your furnace, an HVAC technician will come to your home and run a thorough check of your HVAC system. He or she will check high-wear parts for damage as well as make sure that all of your seals are still intact, preventing any potentially deadly carbon monoxide leaks. This check will provide you with peace of mind and help ensure your furnace is running at its most efficient during the cooler weather.

Schedule your maintenance soon and make sure you are ready for winter!

If would like to see something covered on our blog, have questions about furnace tune-ups or would like to schedule some maintenance, please contact us via our website, on Twitter or through our Facebook page.


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