Change your air filter for better Indoor Air Quality

When did you last change your air filter?

If the answer is “I’m not sure,” It might be time to get down to that furnace room and take a look at the thing most responsible for your home’s indoor air quality.

air filter furnace

With winter coming and minds turning to preventative maintenance, it can’t be said enough that changing your air filter regularly can be one of the easiest and best forms of preventative maintenance you can perform in your home.

Many air filters only need to be changed once every couple months, but the regularity with which you perform this task can vary greatly depending on a variety of different factors in your home.

First, the amount of people in your home will change how often you have to replace your air filter. A family of two will have to change their filter less often than a family of four. Also, our four-legged friends can have a huge impact on our air filters. Pet fur and dander can clog up air filters quickly, so it is important to monitor your air filters and change them when you notice they are becoming dirty. Finally, it is important to note that the overall cleanliness of your house can have an effect on how often you have to change your air filter.

If you have questions about indoor air quality, would like to purchase new air filters or would like to schedule a furnace tune-up, please contact us via via our website, on Twitter or through our Facebook page.

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