Three ways to better your home’s heating efficiency

With winter on its way, our minds will inevitably turn to keeping warm. We love to think we are getting the most bang for our buck while our furnaces are running, but some of us fall into common traps that could end up costing us a lot more.

Here are three ways you can improve our overall energy efficiency while heating your home this winter.

  1. Use a smart thermostat during the winter months. You may think it’s good to choose a slightly lowerecobee thermostat logotemperature then just “set it ant forget it,” but this is definitely not the case. Lower the temperature in the evenings and when you are away from their house can save you a bundle on you heating bills. A smart thermostat like ones offered by Nest or ecobee will learn your schedule and help you utilize your home’s heating system in the best way possible.
  2. Space heaters, in most circumstances, are a big no-no. While they are important to have around in case of a heating emergency, most space heaters are very energy-thirsty. It is better to turn up the thermostat than to run one of these heaters for a long time. Older versions can also be a fire hazard as well, so it is important not to leave them unattended. Keep your thermostat set to a comfortable temperature and you will do yourself a lot of good.
  3. Upgrading your furnace without checking with a professional can be one of the biggest mistakes you make. A lot of homes in North America are fitted with furnaces that are too big for their homes, so even a more efficient model can end up using more energy because it is not suited to the size of your home. If you are replacing your furnace, make sure to consult a professional and get the right furnace suited for your home.

These pointers are all very important, but none of them will help much if your furnace isn’t in tip-top shape, so make sure to perform regular maintenance and keep your furnace running better, longer.

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