Residential Services FAQ

How do I set my programmable thermostat?

Our trained technicians are available to help develop the right program for you, based on your family’s lifestyle. We take into account factors like when you go to work, when you go to bed and other aspects of your day-to-day life to ensure the most comfortable home environment at all times.

What is the maximum temperature change I should schedule on my programmable thermostat?

At Hogg Mechanical, we recommend that you don’t adjust the temperature more than two degrees up or down. This will ensure maximum efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. More than a couple degree increase or decrease is just asking your furnace to work too hard and defeats the purpose of energy saving.

What should I be doing to maintain my system?

It’s important to have a trained technician service your system once a year. You should also replace your filter yearly to keep it functioning efficiently. Your Hogg Mechanical HVAC technician can give you additional tips on keeping your system in the best working order year after year.

How do we choose a good contractor?

It’s important to choose a contractor like Hogg Mechanical with an established history and solid experience. When you install a system with Hogg Mechanical, you can rest assured that we’ll be there tomorrow and a hundred years from now to help maintain your system.

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I would like to thank Hogg for installing our natural gas BBQ line. Greg did a great job and was extremely helpful. Your cost was very good as well. Hogg will be my first call when we need something else.

Stacy Brethauer