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We are proud to say that we have been providing home comfort solutions to homeowners and business across Southwestern Ontario for over 140 years – before people even knew ‘air conditioning’ existed or could be achieved! While our summer months may not be long, if you have spent any amount of time in the Tri-Cities in the summer you will understand how uncomfortable it can be – and the need for a high quality in-home air conditioning solution. With heat and humidity peaking after the cold winter months, it can become not only uncomfortable but even disorienting when we let it get hot enough.

Whether you are looking to purchase a new AC unit, or are in need of AC repair, we are here to help.

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Keep your Air Conditioner Running

Your Options:

Preventive Maintenance: Our Pre-season Tune-ups are a 22 point procedure that looks at all the critical components of your Air Conditioners function. Our technicians have been trained in the use of the industry’s most sophisticated equipment – which allows us to complete these inspections cost effectively in a minimum amount of time. Don’t be fooled by the imitators – we don’t cut corners, we just equip our people with the skills and the tools to be extremely productive.

Emergency AC Repairs: Not only do we have 6 technicians dedicated to Air Conditioning Service so that we can get to your broken AC before it gets too uncomfortable, we also have an on-call service that makes sure someone is available 24/7! Even though we’ve been in business for longer than Air Conditioning has been around, every once in a while one of our guys runs into a problem that has him stumped. The good news is that he has 5 other technicians as well as a manager that are available. If even that isn’t enough, as the American Standard Dealer of the Year in 2016, we have access to the best technical resources (trouble shooters) in the business!

Air Conditioning Purchase and Installation

Your Options:

Retrofit Air Conditioner Installations: Even though our Air Conditioners don’t run very often the outdoors can be hard on AC equipment. Hot, cold, rain, snow, – even dogs and the odd (inadvertent) bit of human contact can greatly affect the life of your Air Conditioner. Like most industries, the makers of Air Conditioners have really improved the efficiency of the units over the last 10 years. Where you might have bought an 8 SEER ( a measure of efficiency, with more efficient having a higher number) AC 10 years ago we rarely install a unit that is less than 16 SEER. Regardless, our Home Comfort Advisors will assess the appropriate size and offer any additional equipment that will make your house not only more comfortable but safer.

Ductless Air Conditioners: While central Air Conditioning is the most common way to try to control the temperature in a house in Southern Ontario, it is not uncommon for us to hear “we can’t get the cold air up to the second floor where we sleep!”. Frequently people think the solution is to get a ‘bigger Air Conditioner’ – which seldom works. Its not the size of the Air Conditioner, it’s the ducting system that’s trying to deliver the conditioned air! Fortunately, the manufacturers have come up with ‘ductless splits’ – Air Conditioners that run independently from the central air conditioning system. Because the ductless system does not use a central thermostat to determine when the Air Conditioner needs to run, the units can cool an area (room, group of rooms, or an entire floor) regardless of how warm the house happens to be at the thermostat.

Older homes with hot water radiators also have challenges with warm humid weather in the summer. While they are very effective at heating a room / house , because they are not moving air, they can not cool a house. Remember – ductless systems run independently so you can ‘customize’ on a room by room basis. In winter, it is not uncommon for people to want to sleep in rooms that are a bit cooler than the living areas of the house. Unfortunately, almost no one wants to sleep in a bedroom that is warmer than the rest of the house in the summer!

Humidity Control: In Southern Ontario, the reason people are uncomfortable is frequently because of humidity. In winter the problem is low humidity (dryness). We all know how our skin (and lips) dry out in the depth of the winter. In these conditions, humidifiers can make a huge difference with not only skin but also with allergies and other respiratory issues. The other three seasons have high humidity issues. Summer obviously has high humidity – which can be reduced by 2 stage Air conditioners. This is just one of the many pros to having an Air Conditioner in your home. Experienced Home Comfort Advisors can identify and show you how it can dramatically improve the comfort level in your home.

Air Conditioning Purchase & Installation Air Conditioning Repair: Your Options

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